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Southern Medical Clinic provides a hospital facility where our Ensuite Rooms/Wards are safe, clean and nurturing with all Amenities.

Our Patient Management lends to many success stories, as we continue to pride ourselves #1 in Clinical and Service Excellence.

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Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP)

Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP) is a treatment for men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The laser surgery removes blockages of urine flow. This treatment is done without any incisions on the body.

  • No Catheter
  • No Bleeding
  • Patient going home same day
Doctor and patient discussing over clipboard


      We understand that coming into hospital, especially for the first time can be an unfamiliar and sometimes daunting experience for some people, so our aim is to make your stay at Southern Medical Clinic as easy, relaxed and comfortable as possible.

      On arrival, please report to the nurses reception where we will organise you to be admitted and show you to your room so you can settle in and make yourself comfortable. If possible, please arrange for friends or family to bring you to the hospital as we generally advise against driving. Visitors and patients are not permitted to smoke anywhere on the Hospital grounds.


     The Intensive Care Unit at Southern Medical Clinic caters to patients admitted to our institution with severe and life-threatening illnesses and injuries.  
    Our 3 bed Intensive Care Unit is led by an Intensivist supported by a highly skilled team of multi-disciplinary specialist doctors and critical care nurses.

     Patients and their families will have peace of mind knowing that round the clock care is provided by those who specialize in caring for seriously ill patients. We also provide the services of a trained Counsellor and Social Worker to comfort and support families during this difficult time.Common conditions that are managed by our ICU team include chest infections, multiple organ failure and sepsis.

     We provide support to our 24 hour Emergency Department, and also assist in stabilizing and managing in-patients who deteriorate. Patients who have had major surgery or major cardiac procedures are also managed in the ICU as part of our commitment to provide comprehensive modern medical care.


     Today, in keeping with the latest trend toward maximizing patients’ comfort and convenience and shortening hospital stays, Southern Medical Clinic performs a broad range of same day and in-patient surgeries. 

  Combined with advanced medical, surgical and anaesthetic technologies, the personal involvement of our staff members ensures you receive the attention, care and consideration that would naturally be given to family and friends.


     Starting a family is one of the most important steps in your life. Southern Medical Clinic is that place for the birth of your New born.  

      At Southern Medical Clinic, it is always a privilege to meet with expectant mothers before the day of admission so they can familiarize yourself with the institution and have a candid conversation about what to expect during the delivery process.  We invite you to visit our institution to meet with one of our experienced midwives.  

   Fathers are encouraged to accompany mothers into the Labor Suite to participate in the delivery.  Please note that our rooms will accommodate one member of the family wishing to overnight with the patient.  We also provide new born babies’ foot prints and photographs. At Southern Medical, we pride ourselves as the institution that provides the best care possible to every patient.

International Patient

   Southern Medical Clinic International Patient Services team is dedicated to provide the best care possible for every patient. The team of dedicated personnel organizes the “Healthcare Journey” of international patients in accordance with their needs and expectations.

   SMC International Patient Services can assist the patients with the following services before, during and after their stay: 

  • Coordinating patients admissions from hospital to hospital
  • Scheduling medical appointments
  • Making hotel/guess house arrangements
  • Arranging ground transportation from the airport
  • Estimating the cost of services
  • Customized treatment package
  • Assisting with hospital admissions
  • Assisting with discharge processes and payment procedures
  • Assisting with international insurance companies


   Our staff is dedicated to providing a range of services including consultations, diagnostic procedures, billing and insurance, travel and accommodation arrangements.

   SMC International Patient Services is a “one-stop” facility and offers healthcare services from the day of the request of patients until the time patient return to his home country satisfied and safely. The service will equip you with medical information, orientation and registration.

   If you are seeking a physician consultation, we suggest that you send your complete medical history, along with any applicable x-ray films and laboratory test results via e-mail, fax or post-mail. Once we have determined that your treatment at our facility is appropriate, we will schedule all your physician appointments including diagnostic and laboratory tests & procedures, as well as surgical procedures if necessary. Each appointment is treated as a matter of top priority.   
Contact us at ips@smctt.com


   If you are visiting a friend or relative who is in hospital, please try to adhere to our visiting hours. This will allow our team to give the necessary care as well as allowing the patient to get sufficient undisturbed rest to facilitate a speedy recovery. Our Visiting hours are: 11am-12MD, 4pm-5pm, 7pm-8pm

     If there are extraordinary circumstances, please phone the Nurse in Charge to confirm your visit outside these times. While your relative is having surgery, family members may wait in lounge areas. Let the nurses know where you’ll be waiting, so the surgeon or nurse can give them information on your status after your surgery. If you leave the area, it is best that you the nurse know if and when you will be coming back. Food and drink are not allowed in the waiting areas.

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