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We are the leaders of healthcare in the Southern Caribbean where you access high-quality, affordable health care. Your health needs whether minor or major will be handled by our team of finest and dedicated doctors, together with a full complement of nursing and auxiliary staff. Our Partnership with International Insurance Providers lends to your “peace of mind” knowing you are covered for any emergencies arising.

We Are Offering Covid-19 Testing

We are a Leader in Patient Care

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff teams provide support throughout our many specialty departments and centers, from primary visits to emergency care.
We provide quality care to every patient. We deliver optimum results to you.

Medical Services and Care

Hospitalization and Emergency Services

Laboratory Services


We Specialize

In Medical Care and Services

We specialize in a wide array of medical fields and have some of the best facilities in Trinidad and Tobago.



We admit patients to our institution with serious and life-threatening illnesses and injuries.


Southern Medical Clinic’s Laboratory is equipped with the most up to date testing equipment.

General Health

Your health is vital to your everyday job performance, and to your quality of life. 

Dental Surgery

We strive to provide dental care that meets your individual needs.


Southern Medical Clinic is that ideal place for the birth of your newborn. We wait for you.


We provide a transportation service to get you to and from your treatments with relative ease.

Southern Medical Clinic possesses a dynamic medical team and delivers treatments to over fifty specialty areas.

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